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BelitungIsland.COM is having partnership agreement with hotels in Belitung for our Tour Package. To ensure the best service quality we only placed our guests of the Tour Package at the star hotels in Belitung, except if you need the lower budget tour package we can find alternative low budget hotels for you. At this moment we do not provide the hotel booking service only. If you need so, please click

The selection of hotels in our tour package is determined by availability of rooms on those star grade hotels when you do the reservation. If you take a public tour package, the trips that are listed in this website (everyone can register), then we will determine the hotel. But when you make a reservation as Private Tour (the trip will not be published in the web), then you can choose the hotel as long as the room still available. There is no tour package price difference on each hotel that you select, except if you want to upgrade your room to the higher grade (suite/executive).

The hotels also provide airport transport, however if you want to visit the nice beaches as pictures shown in this website, you must rent a car. Otherwise you may becoming boring by just spent all your day at the hotel. Rental car is per 24 hour basis. Public transportation likes taxi is just start available since July 2014, while public transpostation likes mini bus is still not convenience for tourist. Further information about rental and transportation in the island please clik here. Below are pictures of some hotels in Belitung for your reference.

If you want to stay in Tanjungpandan, you will get an ordinary Indonesian town typical hotel service. Most hotels are placed in downtown, close to local market. Some hotels in Tanjungpandan are also beach front hotel likes the 2 hotels in beach area. Some of them are having swimming pool and all of them are provides breakfast. If you have limited budget, you can save budget by getting basic room at hotels in Tanjungpandan that may cost you less than USD 20,-. The distance from hotel to the tourist beaches is 30km outside city and it will take 30 minutes to to get there, meaning you must rent a car since taxi still do not available in Belitung.

Until today, hotels can only be found in Tanjungpandan and Manggar. There is still no place to stay in other town likes Kelapa Kampit, except small hotel in Gantung in East coast of Belitung. But don't worry all places in Belitung can be reached by maximum 2 hours drive from Tanjungpandan, meaning you can still explore all corner of Belitung and come back to capital Tanjungpandan to take rest at night. Inter town roads condition in Belitung are excellent, you will not lost much energy in the car.

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