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Jomandi Loka
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23 Aug 2015

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On 3rd of August 2009, we got a surprise Photographer private trip reservation from familiar names. They are Jomandi Loka, and Budi Hartono. Correct, they are the two names who has been very well known by Indonesia internet photography community, and this is our job to make sure they can produce the great photos at the right place on the right time.

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More Info About Jomandi Loka

Jomandi Loka originally came from Singkawang West Kalimantan, is a senior photographer who becoming reference by many of young Indonesian photographers with his spectacular photos, especially for landscape photography. His photos are always been waitind by photo web protal community, appreciated and becoming reference as well as discussion likes this one in forum.

Meanwhile Budi Hartono is a founder of Indonesian web portal photography community, spending a lot of his time and enegy to provide media for creativities of photography hobbyst in the internet world. By looking at his photos from you will realize he is having very high taste in photography. Also join in this group is Iwan Tanzil coming to Belitung far away from Germany. As you can see from his website, the photos produced by Iwan Tanzil also having strong character and high taste especially on color.

The photography trip of our three special guests was guided by our Tour Organizer Kusumah Kosasih. Unfortunately the weather has not been shown the maximum beauty of Belitung spots, but their visit to our new invented photo hunting location Rocky Paradise Photography and also Kaolin Mining Lake still can produce increadibly pretty photo results. Their impression about Belitung was very positive and we are sure they will coming back to Belitung and produce even more spectacular photos with support from the right weather.

All photos in this gallery are made by Jomandi Loka, that he contributed to support Belitung becoming trusted tourist destination area that is having potential of "Superb Beach" panorama. If you want to contact Jomandi Loka, you can send message via us by fill in this form or via his website at All photos in this page are Copyrights of Jomandi Loka, all usage for personal and commercial are prohibited except with up front approval from Jomandi Loka himself.

to support developing their local tourism industry, as well as maintain the beauty natural of Belitung beach to support our compaign "Belitung Superb Beach: Keep It Un-Spoiled".

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  • eko tristianto
    28 Mar 2011

    rindu mau pulang ke kampung halaman.

  • vhaa Love
    15 Feb 2011


  • Bambang Sudiarso
    13 Dec 2010

    Sungguh indah perpaduan laut dgn batu granit yang tertumpuk indah......sekali. Kapan lagi kesana

  • Lily Indriasari
    13 Dec 2010

    Panorama yang indah dan elok tiada tandingannya. beautiful banget pokoknya.

  • Virlin Diva Pamela Azalia
    13 Dec 2010

    Batu-batuan nan elok sungguh indah ciptaan Tuhan.

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