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Hanif / Man in Error
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18 May 2015

About Fotographer

The name of this contributor is Hanif, he call himself ManInError, some other coleague call him Suheng. Whatever his name, his photo is just Superb. It took half year for us to steal his time and getting his bless to share his magnificant photo for BelitungIsland.COM visitors. We would like to say big thank you to Mr.Hanif for his creation to make everyone in world belief how pretty the beaches of Belitung's are.

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More Info About Hanif / Man in Error

Hanif is an active member of ID-Photographer group, the biggest Indonesian photography mailing list and he is very well know as the reference for other people to learn how to make a pro quality photo shot. As you can see every picture has unique character, very clear, sharp and equally balance exposure in the whole frame of the photo. It shows his experience and skill on choosing the right exposure setting for the right scene.

If you are interested to see another beautiful photos from Hanif you can simply visit his Flickr site at www.flickr.com/photos/mhanif. There are many photos taken from several other places, not only landscape but also human interest and macro. On top of ordinary collection, if you are interested in Strobist Photography (off-soe flash) you can find several nice examples in that website as well.

If you want to contact Hanif, you can contact via us from here or from his Flickr foto web blog. All photos in this page are Copyrights of Hanif, all usage for personal and commercial are prohibited except with up front approval from Hanif himself.

The presence of his photos in BelitungIsland.COM are his contribution for the people of Belitung in developing their local tourism industry, as well as maintain the beauty natural of Belitung beach to "Keep It Un-Spoiled".

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  • muhammad subari
    26 Feb 2012

    menawan...beautifull....gak bisa di bayangkan keindahannya...datang dan lihat langsung...

  • cindy novitasari
    24 Aug 2011

    hanif aku lagi sayang km

  • retno
    16 Aug 2010

    speechless......bagus bangeeeettttt....

  • admin
    7 Apr 2010

    @Andika: datanglah ke Belitung, masih banyak lagi batu-batu yang lebih spektakuler di pantai-pantai Belitung.

    7 Apr 2010

    belitung is good island.,.,.,..,

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