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Northwest Coast
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27 km
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Uniqueness of Tanjung Kelayang

If you are interested in visiting the small islands around the Tanjung Kelayang beach, around the coast there are many fishing boats that can be rented. With such a short distance from the beach, the boat trip is approximately 10 minutes and you can walk around the uninhabited islands because the whole island is surrounded by white sand. Don't forget to bring plenty of drinking supplies because there is no drinking water on the islands.
Contrary to the beautiful story above, you will find an unfinished and abandoned resort right in the middle of the Tanjung Kelayang peninsula. This project was neglected by the owner since several years ago. This is the main reason why Tanjung Kelayang is no longer as popular as Tanjung Tinggi even though it actually has a more beautiful panorama than Tanjung Tinggi.

Description Tanjung Kelayang

Tanjung Kelayang is one of the most beautiful beaches in Belitung, a beach recreation center that has periodically stopped hundreds of yachts from abroad during the Sail Indonesia event. This place is also the port used by tourists to do island hopping tours, which is the most attractive to tourists coming to Belitung. This beach is located 27 km north of Tanjungpandan city.

Special Tanjung Kelayang

  • New granite peninsula with small islands around it
  • The port for island hopping
  • Small islands around it
  • Exotic granite stones

If you are interested in tasting the typical Belitung seafood culinary dishes which are famous for their freshness, on the Tanjung Kelayang beach there are several simple restaurants that provide these typical Belitung culinary delights. The menu you have to try is Gangan Ketarap fish head, a yellow soup fish soup with pineapple slices with the main ingredient of ketarap, which is not fishy. Other mainstay menus are various grilled fish, squid, small crab crabs, and cah kale and cah genjer. The mainstay drink after meals is key orange ice.

Map of Tanjung Kelayang

Things To Do at Tanjung Kelayang

  • Playing in the beach
  • Photography hunting
  • Drinking and relaxing
  • Swimming
  • Photography hunting
  • Drinking and relaxing
  • Swimming

Tanjung Kelayang has been known by the local community as a place of recreation for a long time. The most interesting sight is a small island formed from large granite boulders which is located approximately 800 meters from the end of the beach. The stone shape resembles the head of a bird, that is what makes this place name as Tanjung Kelayang, where Kelayang is the name of a type of bird. The local people named the stone, which is shaped like a bird's head, with a more special name, namely Garuda Rock.
Tanjung Kalayang is famous for its coastal views where there is a small granite island, about 100 meters from the beach. The shape of the granite island is like a bird. That is why this place is called Tanjung Kelayang (one of the names of bird species that are often found there). The size of the small island is approximately 50m square. It looks beautiful, as you can see in the main photo from this page.
Tanjung Kelayang is a peninsula jutting towards the North. With the granite island of Kelayang located to the east, Tanjung Kelayang is a white sandy beach several kilometers long. Actually, from Tanjung Kelayang there is a white sand beach about 4 km to Tanjung Tinggi. The east coast is a good place to swim, because the surface of the beach is clear and white sand. This place is also good if you want to play by the beach because of the wide surface of the beach. The east coast is the entrance to Tanjung Kelayang, here there is only white sand, no granite on the beach. From there visitors usually walk along the coast approximately 300m to the North, where you can find granite rocks, scattered along the tip of the peninsula and also at sea level. One of them is shaped like a hovering bird earlier.
Meanwhile, the west coast has a different view. The length of the beach is not along the East side because on the West side there are more granite stones. The view of the unit from the west coast is 3 small islands, about 700m from the beach. Combined with the large granite rocks scattered over the sea level, the view on the West side becomes even more interesting, especially at sunset. The best place to enjoy views of the West coast is from the top of the granite boulders at the tip of the peninsula.
A third beautiful place to look is from the villa, approximately 500m from the tip of the Tanjung Kelayang peninsula. This place is like a lost paradise, even though everything is a combination of granite rocks like any other place. What is special, is the view that is unique and different from other places.


Facilities at Tanjung Kelayang

Tanjung Kelayang can be accessed by land vehicle with a distance of 27 km from the city of Tanjung Pandan, about 35 km from the airport, about 30 minutes away. The access road to the paved location is smooth and wide. Except for taking a tour package, visitors can rent a car or motorbike. As of this article, no vehicles are available to go to Tanjung Kelayang beach.

Access to Tanjung Kelayang

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    A cool beach looking for a boat to go to the island. I hope this beach will soon be arranged so it does not look dirty, unfortunately the beach is good but it is not neatly arranged

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    Come and join Sail Indonesia 2015 @ Belitung stop over. There are some events as mentioned in the following picture.

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