It's fun to play water bicycle in Tanjung Tinggi

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TOURISTS and visitors to Tanjungtinggi Beach in Sijuk District can now play on the surface of the water without having to get wet. Various supporting facilities are provided by the community that rents out to visitors and tourists at Batu Laskar Pelangi Beach.

The facilities are rubber boats and water bikes. The existence of rubber boats has existed and was leased by the surrounding community for a long time. But the water bicycle facility is still relatively new. Visitors can be on the water and enjoy the clarity of the beach's water without having to get wet.

Visitors can rent these water bikes at a rate of Rp 50,000 per 30 minutes. By using this water bicycle, visitors can enjoy the beach panorama with a different perspective than usual. Because visitors can see a large arrangement of granite from the sea.

This facility is usually enjoyed by tourists from outside the area who vacation in Belitung. Many tourists rent water bikes so they can see the beach from the sea. In addition, water bicycle users avoid wet from sea water.

"Many use these water bikes, but the average guest is from outside the area," said the water bike provider at Tanjungtinggi Beach, Cake.

This water bicycle can make visitors more comfortable at the beach located in the north of Belitung Island. Because the facilities provided by the community for rent on the beach are more complete. So that visitors do not just carry out activities that's all.

Even according to the provider of water bikes for rent, many people use these water bikes for prewedding. This water bicycle can also be fitted with an umbrella so users avoid the sun.

"It can be used for supporting photo prewedding. There are already those who use it for prewedding in Tanjung Tinggi. It can be ridden by two people," Cake said.

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