The beauty of Belitung's Kaolin Lake

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One of the habits of Indonesians today is selfies. This self-portrait activity is not only done while on vacation. More than that, almost every moment is always accompanied by selfie photos. Now for those of you who like selfies or photography in general, let's take the time to visit Lake Kaolin in Belitung.

Dark History Behind the Beauty of Kaolin Lake

Bandung is famous for its white crater. Belitung doesn't want to lose either, because you can find a beautiful lake named Kaolin Lake on the island which is famous for its beautiful beaches. Some of you might be a little confused with this one lake, considering that besides Kaolin Lake in Belitung there is still another Blue Lake in Bangka. But this time we will specifically review the beautiful Kaolin Lake in Belitung.

Although beautiful, the fact is this lake is a former mining area of ??the kaolin mineral mine. Kaolin or commonly known as clay is one of the riches of Belitung. The kaolin mine will eventually be sent outside Belitung Island to be used as raw material in paint and cosmetics factories.

The fact that this kaolin mine is a land of work for the Belitung people, but still the damage caused by mining is inevitable. Belitung is not only a kaolin mine but also a tin mine. These two mining sectors have made the environment more damaged.

From time to time the former mine excavation eventually became a beautiful and tempting kaolin lake to visit.

Where is Kaolin Lake Located?

Kaolin Lake is located in the Air Raya Village of Tanjung Pandan, Belitung, Bangka Belitung Province. From Tanjung Pandan City, precisely from the airport, you only need 10 minutes to get to this lake.

The location which is not far from the airport makes Lake Kaolin a destination that is visited by tourists. In fact, almost every travel tour in Belitung includes Kaolin Lake as a list of visited attractions.


Excitement on Kaolin Lake

The majority of tourists who visit Kaolin Lake are indeed to hunt for pictures of the lake landscape that is so beautiful. You certainly can't lose fast right? Believe me, when you set foot on this beautiful lake, you will be fascinated by the blue-white color that is so beautiful. At first glance the view on Lake Kaolin looks like Ciwideuy Crater in West Java.

The good news, you will not smell sulfur in this beautiful lake. So the activity of relaxing and taking pictures will not be disturbed at all. Considering this place is a former mining area of ??course the land around the lake looks barren and barren. But this condition in fact makes Kaolin Lake look more beautiful.

When the landscape of Lake Kaolin is caught in the lens of your camera, it will look like an oasis in the middle of a barren desert. The contrast of white soil and rocks around the lake and the blue-white color (tosca) of Kaolin Lake water really spoil your eyes and your camera. The expanse of ex-excavated land at Lake Kaolin at a glance, when viewed from afar it looks like the back of a large pillowcase.

Overall, Kaolin Lake is so instagramable and deserves the title as one of the best photo spots on Belitung Island.

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